We're 3 guys and a girl (aged 22, 23, 25 and 27) looking for a female professional to balance things out. We are a journalist, 2 engineers and a child support worker. We're looking for someone who's going to get involved in socialising (if you like spending your evenings in your room and not coming out on weekends then this house is not for you!) Being part of the Grad Community is great. There are 7 or 8 houses on our road who we know and hang out with regularly during the week and weekends. In the evenings we like to do things as a house. We play football, badminton and have a table tennis table at the back. We also have a film club where we go to the cinema each week to watch the best film out. We also try and bake together as much as possible (something new and delicious each week). We've also organised poker nights round ours on occasions as well. We all live for the weekend and hit it big so if you're not a drinker or enjoy going on nights out then we're not for you! Our interests include: - Xbox (FIFA, Halo etc) - Watching sh** TV (Hollyoaks, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea etc - Music (all of us play instruments, we're thinking of getting a band together so if you can sing/rap/play drums you're in!) - Cooking: we all think we're better than each other at it - Sport (2 Arsenal fans and a Villa fan) - Films - Many many many many others The house is huge and refurbished. Get in touch if this sounds like your dream house! Joe, Sam, Denis, Jess

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